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We Belong to Each Other

Let's make compassion our passion and righteous action the fashion so when the lashing out happens we can just hash it out laughing. Let's put to rest all the bashing and start the compliment passing.

It's time we open for praise and let go the old ways so we can see some new days and step out from the dark haze. This ain't no labyrinth or maze, don't get all lost in a daze, it's time we all get a taste of what can be a new craze.

It's time we open our hands, and we can open our hearts, we need to make some new plans, we all could use a new start. Why don't we open our arms? We should not be so apart. Let's put an end to the harm. The hate just doesn't seem smart.


Practicing from a beautiful healing space in Portland, Oregon.

Jake: 978-319-3548

Danielle: 781-330-4698

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