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New Depths

It's time for a new beginning

Time to start a new page

I'm opening a new chapter

And starting a new age

I'm awakening the beginning as the last beginning ends.

Starting fresh inside new depths, and so, getting deep again.

I'm pushing past my comfort into undiscovered realms

And ripping off the cloak and mask to see who's really at the helm.


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We Belong to Each Other

Let's make compassion our passion and righteous action the fashion so when the lashing out happens we can just hash it out laughing. Let's put to rest all the bashing and start the compliment passing.

I Am

Deep depth of love and infinite flow The water runs deeper and deeper than I know I could not be swimming not sinking or diving I am just skipping and floating and flying I am just here in this momemt

4 Worlds

I am trying to find my balance Trying to find my center I've closed off a while Now I wish to re-enter Alignment from the highest Ground it here below I will open up the curtains Now let's begin the s

Practicing from a beautiful healing space in Portland, Oregon.

Jake: 978-319-3548

Danielle: 781-330-4698

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