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From the Cloud

I said Let There Be Light And the cosmos burned Fires from the heavens And my mind just churned

My heart leapt out I saw amazing things I saw my own heart Spinning with Saturn's rings

I wondered what had happened How did this come to be? I only asked for guidance How is this all for me?

Is this all for me? I'm beginning to wonder deep Did I begin dreaming awake Or did I awake from sleep?

I slept for so long I didn't know there was more But I remember in my dream The choice to open a door

I didn't know where it would go I didn't know if I could return But there was something calling me And I just had to learn

Sure my dream had been real cozy And I was comfortable and just fine But there was also a sort of madness Like this wasn't really mine

Perhaps it sounds selfish But I knew there was more to see I opened up wide and said let there be light And there was the light for me.


Practicing from a beautiful healing space in Portland, Oregon.

Jake: 978-319-3548

Danielle: 781-330-4698

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